Ingredients That Make a Difference

Hemp Extract + Adaptogens 

Hemp extract and adaptogens help our body adapt to stress, heighten energy, and boost endurance. When we undergo stress, our bodies release a hormone called cortisol, responsible for things like our ‘fight or flight’ response (think higher blood pressure, quicker pulse, tenser muscles). Sustained over time, this can lead to adrenal fatigue, digestive issues, and generally not-so-great stuff. Keeping our systems in balance and equilibrium is what Recess is all about. 

Hemp Extract

Hemp contains helpful compounds, which your body produces naturally, that attach to receptors in your brain and immune system to assist with a range of physiological processes including appetite, inflammation, pain, mood, and memory. Hemp replenishes the system that produces these compounds, making it a go-to for dealing with a variety of imbalances.

American Ginseng 

American ginseng is a natural adaptogenic herb taken to stimulate the brain, boosting your energy and focus while reducing feelings of exhaustion.


Another of our favorite plants, green tea, has this amino acid called l-theanine, believed to ease anxiety and high blood pressure. It offers natural stress relief and enhanced concentration.