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Recess IRL
Recess IRL
Recess IRL
Recess IRL
Recess IRL

we created a space to take all the ideas, feelings, and experiences we've created online and put them back into the real world. it's easy to let our most creative thoughts remain day-dreams, abstract and distinct from real life. this space is all about making thoughts felt. and when we're not hosting curated events, we'll be open as simply a place to take a Recess; to pause, reflect, and wonder, before continuing on with your day..

Recess IRL Popup    (map)
680 Broadway
New York,  NY  10012
(646) 590-6015


building an empire with Dreamers // Doers

Jun 18th   @  6:00 pm

Dreamers // Doers and Summit present an opportunity to connect with an inspiring group of trailblazing women. learn how to turn your abstract ideas into actionable plans by listening to a panel including Elizabeth Galbut, co-founder of the first female-led millennial venture capital firm, and Becky Yang, director at Summit and a startup veteran. Pomp & Whimsy will provide the gin, and we’ll provide the Recess cocktails. though this event is for members only, check out the Dreamers // Doers website to join.

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twelve days of HOMOCO

Jun 19th   @  11:30 am

Recess is joining forces with HOMOCO, a queer swim brand for fun and fashionable people, to be a part of the HOMOCO Travel Shop, a two-week pop-up featuring all of your beach weekend needs. find sustainably sourced swimwear, bags, skincare, shoes, and queer magazines (magazine sales go to a great charity!). grab a free Recess and check out HOMOCO’s calendar to catch one of their events while you’re there.

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international yoga day celebration with Adidas

Jun 21st   @  10:00 am

we’re teaming up with Adidas to celebrate international yoga day so you can feel balanced both mentally and physically. the event will include five yoga classes throughout the day as well as fittings for apparel from the Wanderlust collection, acupuncture and cupping, a dry styling bar, and appearances from other wellness brands. Recess and Adidas ambassadors will be handing out cans of Recess for those seeking a nice reset.

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take a recess with pride

Jun 22nd   @  12:00 pm

pride month is in full swing, and this year is extra special because NYC is home to this year’s WorldPride. we wanted to be a part of the month’s festivities, so we’ve decided to celebrate the LGBTQ+ community by hosting our very own pride market. stop by IRL and take a Recess with an array of queer-owned businesses and artists that will help you show your pride.

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crash course in adulting with Real World Playbook

Jun 26th   @  6:30 pm

Real World Playbook knows we know how to put the collected in calm, cool, and collected, so they asked us to collab for an event to help you get your life together. join us at IRL so RWB can help you build your most productive grown-up life. and because we know the idea of adulting may seem a little daunting to you, we promise to throw in some Recess cocktails.

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find your balance, find your brand with UWIB

Jul 9th   @  6:30 pm

we’re teaming up with The United Women in Business Foundation to help give your personal brand a reset. stop by IRL and learn how to up your social game, improve your public image, and build your following. enjoy free Recess cocktails while learning from a panel of women who have mastered the art of a calm, cool, and collected personal brand.

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